NVS, The Vehicle Finance Industries’ Link to
Law Enforcement and Premier Vehicle Loss
Control Services in North America
Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance:
  • Provide Access to Appropriate Vehicle Related Data
  • Provide Training on Mobile LPR Equipment
  • Provide Training on Vehicle Identification
  • Provide Expertise to Develop new Recovery Technologies
    Data Management Services:
  • Provide Access to Vehicle Lien Data
  • Provide Access to Vehicle Impound Data
  • Provide Access to Vehicle Export Data
  • Provide Access to Vehicle Theft and Recovery Data
  • Provide Data Analysis to Detect Anomalies
    Vehicle Theft and Fraud Threat Detection Services:
  • Provide Vehicle Theft Threat Assessments
  • Provide Vehicle Fraud Threat Assessments
  • Provide Vehicle Fraud Detection Training
  • Provide Vehicle Theft Protection Analysis
  • Provide Vehicle Fraud Protection Analysis
    Vehicle Insurance Asset Recovery Investigations:
  • Investigate Vehicle Purchases
  • Investigate Exportation Procedures
  • Liaison with U.S. Customs & Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Secure Theft Reports
  • Report Investigative Results


    Vehicle Finance Liaison
    Vehicle Finance Investigations
    Law Enforcement Liaison
    Vehicle Recovery Technology