NVS, The Vehicle Finance Industries’ Link to
Law Enforcement and Premier Vehicle Loss
Control Services in North America
James S. Spiller
Jim is a former Indiana State Police Officer and a retired National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) executive. He began his law enforcement career in 1975.

As Chairman of National Vehicle Service (NVS) it is with great personal pride to articulate that the mission of NVS “to be widely recognized as the world leader in providing unique vehicle theft, vehicle fraud and asset protection solutions to the law enforcement community, vehicle finance, insurance and rental car industries.”

NVS incorporated in the state of Illinois with the sole purpose of assisting law enforcement, vehicle finance, insurance and rental car companies and the public in protecting vehicle assets. NVS’s service assistance is in response to current volatile economic market conditions in the United States that breed an increase in vehicle theft, vehicle fraud and theft by deception.

NVS is governed by its Board of Directors

James Spiller              Chariman Treasurer
John Heffinger          Secretary (President Autodata.net)
Kevin Spiller President COO (Blackwing Consulting Group)
Mario Crosswell Director (US Operations Manager OCRA-Mexico)
Chris Dick Director (Corporate Manager BMW Finance)
Dan Fisher Director (President StolenCarReports.com)
Howard Nusbaum Director (National Salvage Vehicle Reporting Program)

Law Enforcement Board Advisors

Greg Terp                     Advisor (Major Miami Dade Police Operations Retired)
Mikel Longman       Advisor (Chief Phoenix University PD)
Rolland Smith           Advisor (President and CEO Locator Technologies)

Vehicle Finance Liaison
Vehicle Finance Investigations
Law Enforcement Liaison
Vehicle Recovery Technology